Stay Connected

All of this travel means increased time away from home. While you are enjoying coffee in a cafe in Paris or RVing across the U.S. there are many ways to take care of your everyday chores back at home.  Lawn services, pet hotels, friends and family offer much needed support keeping your house in order, lawn kept, pets safe and mailbox empty.  However, there is one thing that goes unanswered and unchecked while you are away:  your home phone.  

Since there is no one at the house, the phone rings and voicemails are left unanswered.  Perhaps some friends and family may know you are away on your dream excursion, but many may not and they may wonder why the call has gone unreturned from their beloved friends.  Voicemails from church and from the doctor pile up only to be left to deal with upon your return.

Now there is a solution! offers you the opportunity to take your home phone number wherever you go and make it as mobile as you are.  This convenient service replaces your physical landline and uses your important home telephone number allowing anyone to call you just as they normally do.  When you are away, instead of reaching your voicemail, they will hear a friendly greeting, recorded by you, offering them the option to reach anyone in your family.  The call is seamlessly forwarded to the person of their choice and you can now be reached on your cell phone no matter where you are!

Now get travelling, experience all the things you’ve been working so hard for and never miss a call again!

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